Meal Prep Tips

After I have my meal plan for the week and did my grocery shopping it is time to meal prep for the week. I meal prep on Sunday for my meals through Wednesday, then Wednesday night I prep my meals for Thursday and Friday. Check out this article on how I meal plan each week.

On Sunday I will go through the recipes I am making for the week and prep everything that I can ahead of time. Chop up any veggies needed, make any dressings, marinade any meats ect. This way when I make the recipe everything is pre-prepped and ready to go.

I work full time so I make my breakfast and lunches on Sunday and Wednesday, this way I can just grab and go each morning, at night I make my dinner (everything is prepped already, which cuts down on prep time during the week). If you work long hours or do not want to cook dinner every night, then you can make your dinners for the week on Sunday and Wednesdays, then it’s just easy grab and eat all week!

I recommend getting meal prep containers, I use these from Amazon. They have single compartment and multiple compartment containers. They fit perfect in lunch bags and stack nicely in the refrigerator.

2 thoughts on “Meal Prep Tips

  1. thank you for the info, it is nice to have everything ready during the week. If I don’t do this I grab stuff I should not eat.

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